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The development and implementation of your complete financial strategy is guided by our advisory process. Regular refinement by our group ensures its ongoing success.

Learn how we build Wealth
  • Step 1
    Understand your needs and goals
  • Step 2
    Assess your financial situation
  • Step 3
    Develop personalized recommendations
  • Step 4
    Document and present solutions
  • Step 5
    Implement your strategy
  • Step 6
    Monitor and refine your strategy
What we learn from history is that people don't learn from history.
- Warren Buffett
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AJ Chase Financial Group was established by AJ Chase, Portfolio Manager and Senior Wealth Advisor at ScotiaMcLeod. Our top priority is to provide a select group of clients with an outstanding level of private wealth management service, in a discreet and trustworthy manner. Many well-established families, business owners, professionals and foundations don’t have time to spend on the issues surrounding wealth creation and preservation. Mr. Chase’s team of specialists have the experience and depth of resources to fulfill the investment and preservation needs of affluent Canadians.

AJ Chase and his inner-circle of specialists at ScotiaMcLeod, are backed by the ownership and reputation of Scotia Wealth Management and Scotiabank, established over 186 years ago. By providing sound private wealth strategies we give you back the most precious asset of all… time… time to live your life. Life is about experiences. Make the most of it.

It would be our pleasure to answer any questions regarding our disciplined private wealth approach. For wealth management of portfolios that combine to one million or more contact Andre (AJ) Chase at or 1.800.461.5842 x 7172.  Thank you.

At AJ Chase Financial Group we take a holistic approach to wealth management which includes:

* Our disciplined investment philosophy. We take a “big picture” global approach to investing while managing risk. Your unique goals combined with our macro-economic view, guides our risk management decisions on appropriate allocations to cash, fixed income and equities.

* Financial solutions that are personalized to your needs. If you would like, it would be our pleasure to work with your tax and legal advisors to deliver solutions for all facets of your financial life.

* Regular reviews and continuous monitoring. We conduct regular reviews of your financial situation to ensure your tailored strategies remain appropriate.