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While planning for your future, we may address many financial areas including …


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Investment Planning

Well beyond the standard ‘client profile’ information that seeks to uncover things like ‘what’s your risk tolerance?’, we strive to gain a deeper understanding of your personal and professional life today as well as your ambitions for your family and future. This is the foundation of our relationship with you: providing the ‘purpose’ that will guide our investment planning.

When it comes to investments, throughout our history, we have focused on growing and protecting the wealth of individuals, families, corporations and foundations.

Your individual portfolio will be designed specifically for you and tailored to your unique expectations. We are advocates of discipline and it is inherent in everything we do, from our investment process and the research we conduct, to the vigilant oversight routinely completed by our governance teams. This attention to detail helps to ensure your portfolio has the greatest opportunity to deliver on the purposes for which you are investing.

Retirement Planning

Retirement means different things to different people. For some people, retirement means having the financial flexibility to do as they please without worrying about their finances. For others, it means time — time to do all the things that they’ve always wanted to do.

The process of retirement planning is relatively straightforward. Ideally, you want to make sure that you have enough income and assets to live the kind of lifestyle that you want. What makes retirement planning more difficult is determining what that lifestyle will look like and then dealing with the many variables that go into the process and the pace with which they change.

Financial Planning

You didn’t get where you are today without planning. With the AJ Chase Financial Group, financial planning can play a pivotal role helping to ensure your continued success. That means starting with a rigorous examination of your unique situation: your assets, your concerns, and your short-, medium- and long-term goals.

We can work together to define your goals, and identify gaps in current plans that may need attention and new opportunities that can be realized … Making your retirement income more tax efficient, for example.  Then, together, we will develop a tailored financial plan with a view to preserving your hard-earned wealth and creating strategies to embrace new opportunities for future success – as you define it.

It’s all about listening and understanding the life you envision, then offering advice and guidance that will help make it happen. It’s about us working together to give you confidence, and a feeling of excitement about what’s next.

Estate and Trust Planning

Estate planning is about life–the life of your family, your loved ones and the peace of mind you get from helping to provide for their financial future.

The estate planning process takes your financial and personal situation into account to develop a comprehensive plan that reflects your wishes. Your plan should also contemplate potential future incapacity and explore options including powers of attorney and/or inter vivos trusts.

Working with the knowledgeable team of professionals at Scotiatrust, we can help you to develop a thorough and integrated estate plan that addresses your goals and objectives.

Tax Planning

At AJ Chase Financial Group we will work with you and your external tax professionals with a view to ensuring your wealth management needs are addressed in a tax-efficient manner. Income splitting, tax-deferred investing and effective estate planning are just a few of the strategies that can be explored to help you realize tax efficiencies.

Family Wealth Planning

Financial independence comes with responsibility – and the need to ensure your family’s well-being now, and in the future. Our Business and Family Wealth Specialists can help. We provide comprehensive planning and advisory services for private business owners, other professionals, or executives who have created their own wealth, moving from a position of success to one of significance. They often desire financial sustainability for generations to come, alongside meaningful societal impact.

We provide comprehensive support for complex planning needs, estate and trust, philanthropy as well as concerns related to business transition planning or family dynamics, such as wealth stewardship or children working in a business. In particular, our Group will work with you and your external tax professionals with a view to ensuring your wealth management needs are addressed in a tax-efficient manner. This premium service includes coordinating the integration of other experts and professional advisors, developing robust planning strategies through a team-based approach, overseeing the implementation of recommendations, and in many cases, providing ongoing guidance.

Insurance Planning through Scotia Wealth Insurance Services Inc.

Often overlooked, insurance can be used in innovative ways to help build and preserve your wealth regardless of your stage of life. Whether your goal is to protect your family in the event of an untimely death or transition your wealth to the next generation, our Insurance Consultants will work with you and our Group to develop and implement a plan with a view to enhancing your overall wealth strategy. Areas to consider include:

Managing Risk – Helping to protect you and your family against financial loss resulting from a disability, critical illness or death, and providing a certain relief at a time you need it the most.

Minimizing Taxes – We have a wide range of insurance solutions designed with a view to helping you minimize, defer and, at times, offset taxes payable. From sheltering your assets, to minimizing estate taxes, to creating a tax-preferred income stream, we will discuss with you and your external tax professionals the many possible roles insurance solutions can play in your portfolio.

Enhancing Income – If you are interested in receiving a guaranteed income steam for life, while still ensuring that your original investment is preserved for the next generation, insurance could be a nice addition to your financial plan.

Caring for Your Health – Health issues could have a greater impact on wealth and savings than things like stock market performance. Issues like a critical illness, disability, or the need for long-term care can all be taken into account with insurance planning.

Leaving a Legacy – A key to effective financial planning is employing strategies designed to minimize estate taxes and maximize the amount of wealth that can be transferred to the next generation. Insurance solutions can play a key role in transitioning wealth to the next generation, and ensuring your legacy lives on long after you are gone.

Philanthropic Advisory

Establishing a private or personal charitable foundation is an effective way to engage in philanthropy and create a legacy. Together we can assist you to integrate your philanthropy with your financial and estate plan.

Through our private foundation services, we support new and existing private foundations with practical administration, granting and investments. From developing a mission statement to providing guidance on strategic giving, our advisors will engage with you to help ensure your philanthropic goals are met.

Private Banking Services through Scotiabank

Time is your most valuable asset. So our suite of comprehensive, preferential banking services is designed to save you as much of it as possible. The suite of customizable services includes:

  • A dedicated Private Banker and Associate team, providing our highest level of personalized, attentive and discreet service
  • Access to our industry-leading Total Wealth Credit Solution™ holistic borrowing platform, streamlining your access to liquidity under a single investment line of credit
  • Exclusive and complimentary access to Inspire™, a unique, global travel and entertainment service.
  • Preferred pricing on the Scotiabank American Express Platinum® card
  • Complimentary credit with the Scotiabank American Express Gold card, ScotiaGold® VISA™ or Scotia Momentum® VISA Infinite, and Scotiabank U.S. Dollar Visa
  • Preferred Foreign Exchange rates
  • Help handling bill payments or other tasks made difficult due to travel or work schedules
  • Hands-on management of time-sensitive transactions in coordination with your other advisors
  • And more …